2021 product pricing

Recycled Concrete Aggregate Pricing

Recycled Concrete Price
2 inch minus $12.25 per tonne
3/4 inch minus $12.90 per tonne
4 inch minus $11.50 per tonne
4 inch clean $15.50 per tonne
Recycled Asphalt Price
3/4 inch clean $18.50 per tonne

Prices do not include GST and PST.

Concrete Tipping Fees



Clean Concrete with rebar greater than 2feet $7.50/tonne
Concrete containing mud, wood or garbage $20/tonne on entire load
Oversize concrete (36″x36″) including concrete pile caps $15/tonne
Offloading fee if required

$125 (1hr min charge $125)

Prices do not include GST and PST.

Wood Tipping fees

Contamination % Price
Processing Fee $40 Per Tonne
2-5% Visual Contamination $65/tonne & processing fee
5-10% Visual Contamination $75/tonne & processing fee
10-15% Visual Contamination $85/tonne & processing fee
15% + Visual Contamination Will be rejected

Prices do not include GST and PST.

Biomass Fuel Products

Biomass is a clean wood chip fuel product that is used for boiler and process heat applications.

typical 2″ chip material is calculated by the ton with moisture content less than 10% and less than 2% contamination. 

Bulk Sales Only (min 25 ton)

Price/ Ton $50.00/ton     FOB our location. 


bulk wholesale coloured landscape mulch

Rakowski Recycling is introducting coloured landscape mulch again this year to its line of recycled products. The mulch is made up of various sources of recycled waste wood material that is collected from the Winnipeg area. The wood material is clean unpainted waste wood that is hand sorted with nails and steel removed. The dye used is a non-toxic, non-hazardous dye that is specifically designed for wood mulch dye application. landscape mulch is subject to availability.

more mulch information

Prices are FOB our yard 1229 Redonda St.

Delivery is available upon request, please call for pricing. For sample product or questions please call
Alicia 204-619-2899, or Scale office 204-222-6339 or visit our recycling yard 1229 Redonda St.

Orders under 10 Yards are $28.00/Yard

landscape mulch prices

10 – 30 Yards Price
Red $21.00/Yard
Brown $21.00/Yard
Black $21.00/Yard
Gold $21.00/Yard
Natural $17.50/Yard
31 – 100 Yards Price
Red $20.00/Yard
Brown $20.00/Yard
Black $20.00/Yard
Gold $20.00/Yard
Natural $16.50/Yard
101 + Yards Price
Red $18.50/Yard
Brown $18.50/Yard
Black $18.50/Yard
Gold $18.50/Yard
Natural $14.50/Yard


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