Benefits of Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling is the process of converting waste timber into usable products. It helps minimize
negative environmental effects as it reduces the need of cutting down trees. Wood, although plentiful, is still considered a limited resource. Therefore, recycling wood helps save the environment and prevent more solid waste from ending up in landfills.

Woodchip production is a well-known form of wood recycling. In this article, we will show you the
practical and sustainable applications of woodchips and the benefits it brings to society.

1. Biomass Fuel
When wood chips are burned, the chemical energy released in biomass is heat. With the use of wood
chip boilers, wood is burned to provide a heating system to homes and establishments. This insulation
process is known to be dependable, cost-effective, and carbon neutral.

2. Landscaping
Wood Chips for landscaping are available in a variety of colours. Wood chips are good for suppressing
weed, retaining soil moisture and elevating the appearance of landscapes.

3. Garden
An ideal way to use wood chips is by recycling and using them in your garden. It creates a layer that
moderates moisture beneficial to the soil and makes your garden look great.

4. Barbecuing
Wood Chips are also known as a great source of flavour for meat and vegetable barbecues. Certain types of wood can be infused on food depending on the type of flavour you are looking for.

5. Paths
Wood Chips are also great for creating pathways. They help show people where to walk and are good for stopping the growth of weeds at the same time.

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